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Celtic Holotropic 3 day weekend retreat – 27-30 June 2024

June 27 - June 29
Join Celtic holotropic to surf your inner landscape in holotropic states of consciousness. The vehicle is your body – the technology is Grof breathwork – the fuel is your breath.
What is Grof breathwork and holotropic states of consciousness?
Essentially Grof breathwork enables us to learn, to heal and to create.
It has 3 components:
• Breathing
• Music
• Focussed Energy Release Bodywork
This breathwork style has supported many people in many different ways on their journey. It can be:
• a powerful method of personal transformation and healing
• an insightful personal enquiry tool to know thyself – light & shadow
• a self-empowering way (because you do the work) to re-integrate fragmented parts of ourselves that may have been split off through guilt, shame, fear anger, sadness over years of conditioning by significant others
• a highly experiential complimentary therapeutic technology to psychotherapy
• used to access ideas and inspiration from the transpersonal realm to improve an individual’s way of being in the world for not only the wounded but for the artist or scientist or student or inventor. The dreamlike images that can be presented in expanded states of consciousness often contain solutions to questions on our minds.
• a deep self-care approach for the healing and helping professional
• an evidenced based tool that can get to the root of and heal addiction and depression
• supportive in the healing of previous emotional or physical trauma; in reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress; in emotional expression & release and for creative inspiration
Many people report that holotropic breathwork has been instrumental in helping them to connect with who and what they truly are and with what their lives are about
This event is in two parts:
First, a live, on-line, 2 hour introduction to Grof breathwork and holotropic states of consciousness
This is an important preparation session to help create a sense of security for individuals and the group. It will allow you to go deeper into your experience.
We will be talking about:
  • the format and what a session looks like
  • what can come up in a session and why
  • how you can get the most from your session
  • the different roles of breather, sitter and facilitator
  • safety, safety, safety
Hopefully you will understand that you will not be able to breathe on the weekend if you do not attend this introductory session. There will be no time to go over it on the weekend with you.
Second, the breathwork weekend –
  • Arrival at the venue by 6pm on Thursday
  • Breathwork -one session on Saturday morning and one in the afternoon. Each session is about 3 hours
  • Integration starts with mandala drawing after each breathwork
  • Celebration dance
  • Integration continues with a sharing circle on Sunday morning followed by a fire ceremony and we complete with lunch at 12.30pm.
Safety is priority and as part of that participants need to complete a medical form as part of the registration. There also needs to be a commitment to fully attend the whole event.
Follow-up Zoom Circle
There is an integration circle a week after the event which we encourage you to attend as this gives you an oportunity to share more about your insights and further support is provided if you so need
Your facilitators are:
Kate Curtis +35 387 232 5383 – kaitcurtis@icloud.com
Claire Mathews ++353 872380259 – claire@shanbolard.com
Please feel free to contact either of us to clarify any queries you may have.
Danu Lodge is a secluded retreat centre in Co. Wexford and is in a stunning setting, surrounded with natural beauty.
They serve amazing food and cater for food allergies.
Event exchange & bookings:
The exchange is 520€ and includes accommodation and meals. Rooms are light, airy and spacious on a shared room basis.
If finance is a barrier to attending the event please do get in touch – we may be able to offer a payment plan and/or there may be a bursary available.
You can register for the event here
We look forward to being of service and holding space for you.
Kate & Claire

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June 27 @ 6:00 pm
June 29 @ 1:00 pm
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Danu Lodge


Kate Curtis
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