Covid 19 Healthcare Guidelines

Our priority at Danu Lodge is always to ensure the health and safety of all our therapists and patients.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is stabilizing and the risk of COVID-19 infection is decreasing, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine consults and other close contact treatments have recommenced in line with national regulations. Vigilance and measured steps are being taken for safe practice and to minimize the risks related to COVID-19

All patients planning to have treatment at Danu Lodge are being asked to complete a questionnaire beforehand. You will find the form to sign HERE

All patients with a previous confirmed COVID-19 infection should present medical evidence of clearance.

In order to reduce risk of droplet infection spread, both we as therapists and patients are using light weight surgical face masks during each treatment. You are invited to bring your own if possible, otherwise we will provide you with one.

Please take your temperature on the day of your treatment and if it is raised please make contact before making your journey to your acupuncture appointment.

We ask that on arrival you arrive on the exact time, as no facility to wait in waiting room is in operation.

On arrival and before leaving Danu Lodge you will be given the opportunity to wash your hands. It is optional for you to use gloves.

We look forward to seeing you and we will always greet you with a smile.