Kate has been meditating for over thirty years, exploring different styles. She teaches a simple style using breath and visualization, which stems from Daoist meditation style.

Dissolving and forgetting, which allows the experience of feeling a sense of nothingness called Wu Qi, where all is well and all is oneness. She teaches standing form of meditation called Wu qi in her Taichi and Chigong classes. Mindfulness practice stems from various Taoist and Buddist traditional styles of meditation.

Meditating regularly, sooths the soul, and calms the mind, and helps the mind to focus. Research has shown that regular practice reduces cortisol levels, and lowers blood pressure and reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Kate offers zoom meditation sittings Monday to Friday at 9-10am and each Wednesday evening at 7-8pm. Free of charge. She will be resuming meditation circles in March at Danu Lodge.