Cranio sacral therapy

My treatments are an amalgamation of all I have learned over the past 25 years.

To treat the body and open the space I use Craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral is a light touch body therapy, I sometimes describe it as an evolution of chiropractic work and osteopathy as it has its origins from those therapies. Craniosacral however does not employ the heavier manipulation commonly associated with those therapies .During a cranio session we move through the body and release restriction in the fascia ,these releases are very relaxing and pain relieving .

These techniques eventually lead us into the membranes of the skull and sacrum hence the name Cranio Sacral. Here the magic begins and as the work goes deeper into the craniosacral system you are likely to experience a still point, a state of homeostasis when all the systems of the body slow almost to a stop. Now deep healing occurs.

It is at this point that I use the Emotion Code, a method of releasing old trapped emotions from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. This part is led by your subconscious self. I use muscle testing to access that part and begin a ‘conversation’ that can help connect you into your ancestry, past lives and much more.

Reiki Healing energy and Integrated Energy Healing (angelic healing) flow through all my treatments and this beautiful energy makes the healing amazingly peaceful. Together we set an intention for your treatment during the consultation so you receive the maximum benefit. I work always to help you connect with your divine self and to help you remember who you really are, if you don’t already know!

Kathryn Geoghegan