Grof Breathwork

What is Grof Breathwork?

Grof Breathwork is a system of self-exploration and healing created by psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina in the 1970s. It involves a faster type of breathing accompanied with music, for a duration of 3 hours, whilst lying on a mat with eye shades.

It is a way to experience expanded states of consciousness. The deeper and more rapid breathing, alters the oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio in the blood, and causes tingling and heightened sensitivity of the physical body and can enable a quietening of the analytical cognitive mind and more fully enter the level of the physical and the intuitive mind. The physical body and the psyche stores the memory of trauma and, unlike ducks who when they get into a fight they shake themselves vigorously afterwards, and go about their day, we as humans have often forgotten this healing ability.

In a Grof Breathwork session we can shake out this type of trauma and we can release deep seated resentments and sources of anger. This is very relevant for those who experience post traumatic stress from incidents in their lives, which may have passed by, but not necessarily marked as traumatic at the time and which have become deeply stored away in the subconscious. Expanded states of awareness also gives us a greater chance to access our innate wisdom where we may tap into a greater sense of creativity, and where we may meet our divine from deep within rather than from outside ourselves.

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