What is shamanism?

The word shaman has its roots in the Siberian Tungus which is used for the medicine man/woman who is healer/priestess/earth wisdom keeper and counsellor. However each country has its own name.

Shamanism is the oldest known system of healing, and was at the core of every country’s indigenous healing system, until the advent of modern industrialization. In the last 40 years there has been a big revival of the shamanism practices in the Celtic tradition and a written knowledge revival, which in the Celtic tradition was originally passed from person to person orally.

It is a spiritual practice, and holds no dominion over any creed, or religion. It honours nature, and the concept of spirit being in all things, and that there is no separation between us and spirit. We do not project our needs onto a being outside of ourselves. In shamanism, we feel spirit within as we feel the aliveness of energy within us.

Shamanic healing and spirit consultations

A shaman travels between the different levels of consciousness, by entering a state of an enhanced state of awareness. She/he works with spirit guides and animal guides and is a mediator who receives insight and answers to questions on behalf of a community or a person. To retrieve healing wisdom and direction for a person who has lost their own ability to gain insight on their own, and who has lost power, and strength.

What kind of help may be expected in a shamanic healing and spirit consultation?

Guidance counsel and healing

Kate offers guidance into ways to help solve family and relationship issues, work and spiritual problems, physical ailments which may have a spiritual or ancestral component. Also by assisting you to find answers and truth yourself this may help you to gain deeper awareness to your innate wisdom and strength.

In shamanic healing Kate uses simple methods of accessing the deeper layers of consciousness which in ordinary day to day reality we are not able to easily access so easily. She is able to journey on your behalf by use of a drum or rattle.

In shamanic spiritual consultation She teaches you to journey on your own behalf, to the sound of the drum, which journey is spoken out loud and the session is recorded. This can be a very empowering method of journey work especially if you already are used to journeying.

Shamanic journey

This a journey by you to the drum, which is done silently with a and a quest or intention in mind.

Soul and power loss retrieval

In a shamanic healing session there may arise a need for soul parts to be retrieved and brought back and returned to its rightful position within the person, or family, in order to become fully present and whole again.

The idea of soul loss and power loss is very much recognized in modern psychology. These concepts have such a strong theme within shamanic healing, in clarifying how repeated national patterns can continue, such as which has happened from the times of famine, and of various war situations, resulting in a residue of post trauma running through family lines.

Ancestral healing

The idea of ancestors not only refers to our own personal lineages, but also to the ancestors of the area from where we originate or where we are currently living. In shamanism, we work closely with the help of the ancestors and help a person to gain depth of clarity so to heal any ancestral and trans generational wounds.

These ancestral wounds may reverberate down the lineage to the present day descendants and result in certain patterns of behaviors, and in recurring events within the family including repeated trauma patterns, deep depressions and behaviors. Once clarity and healing takes place, allows the person to be free to be who they truly are.

Kate helps a person to gain clarity and knowledge pertaining to ancestral wounds, and offer ways in which ancestral trauma, can be healed. In doing this work it helps to release ourselves from our ancestral burdens and allow our ancestors to be free so that we may be who we truly are without the legacy of ancestral negative patterning.