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Kate Curtis, RM. RGN. Dip. AC., Lic. Ac (China), Dip. Ref, MTCMCI

Kate Curtis with a background in nursing and midwifery, in the early 90’s began specializing in alternative methods of painrelief. In 1990 she qualified in Reflexology, and in 1994 she graduated with a Licentiate from The Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland College. Having completed a post graduate internship in one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals, she received a Diploma in Acupuncture from Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

She has trained extensively in different healing modalities including Qigong and Tuina qigong, Reiki, and Taichi Chuan, and also in classical acupuncture and celtic herbalism.

Kate has also trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof in transpersonal psychology and Holotropic Breathwork.  She has been organizing and working in Holotropic Breathwork for over 8 years.

Using her experience in midwifery, Kate works closely with women in pregnancy and postnatally. She also helps women with infertility to become pregnant and uses acupuncture used alongside medical infertility treatments which increases the success rate by up to 45 percent as shown in studies. Acupuncture also proves highly effective in preparation for labour and during the birthing process.

Kate’s specialiality lies in her ability to help a person get to the root of their pain.  Her many specialities in energy healing and in her knowledge of western medicine, and midwifery, brings reassurrance to the people coming to her for healing.  She brings also the values of empathy, integrity, and has learned to listen to silence.  Her gift lies in her intuition, which facilitates her to be able to help bring to the surface the more deep and hidden issues, thereby allowing a person to heal from the deeper core level.

Kate has in more recent years also been working with more emphasis on the psychological and spiritual aspect of the individual. This has led her to work more closely with the more ancient traditional systems of healing, incorporating different cultural philosophies, such as is found in the shamanic traditions of each country. She uses alongside the traditional Chinese medical form of acupuncture both esoteric and classical forms of acupuncture which assist the person in their quest for consciousness exploration and personal awareness.

Claire Mathews

Claire lives with her husband & four sons in Shanbolard.

She is a certified GTT Holotropic Practitioner, who has co-facilitated at workshops & GTT training modules in Slovenia, Spain & Ireland.

She is an NLP Mind Coach certified by the Irish Institute of NLP.

She is also a Shamanic Practitioner/Counsellor certified by Shamanism Ireland/The Transpersonal Institute.

Holotropic Breathwork became a major part of her healing journey in 2010. She is a passionate believer in the power of the inner healer & Holotropic Breathwork™ as a vehicle to connect deeply to our own innate healing wisdom.

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Mark Baugh

I hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Indian Head Massage with The Midlands School of Massage & Manipulative Therapy where I trained for 2 years.

I am a level 2 reiki/seichem practitioner and was attuned by Master Practitioner, Jacqueline Eagles of Olistica who is 10th in line to Mikao Usui, the founder.

I am a level 2 EFT practitioner and I trained with the EFT Centre in London

I hold a Certificate of Training for Holotropic Breathwork

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Kate Curtis
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