written by Kate Curtis in Memory of Walter Makichen


Ways to open and free up the Chakra Centres-


To transform fully this warrior angry energy so that we can move away from the original imprinting or encoding it is not always necessary to find the root cause.

For some an energetic  loop can be created as a result of searching with years of therapy work. ‘Why did this person do this to me? Why did my husband do this to me? . Most people when they understand why will change, but if a child has had trauma, because they are narcistic, and so assume it is their fault, it is harder to change. Loops keep us from thinking of the event all the time but it comes back in a regular time span.  Someones name need only be mentioned and the anger is created.

Walter Makichen, teaches us how to transform this energy by firstly opening the chakra centres ensuring the freedom of blocked energy, and then use of certain chants, or sound vibrations, which put in place a reprogramming so that there will no longer be a reactive response to situations.

Chant to open up chakras – and create space for change.

While concentrating on each chakra – and using chigong hand positions over each chakra. Place one hand over the other in front of and away from each chakra as you chant.

E                      3rd chakra

A                     2nd chakra

00                   1st chakra

hum                4th chakra

AH                  5th chakra

E                     6th chakra

OM                 7th chakra.

Acupuncture to open the chakras

In higher frequency healing modalities such as chigong, reiki and acupuncture, the chakras can also be unblocked.  Esoteric acupuncture is a specialised system used within the framework of traditional and classical acupuncture, which by the specific needling patterns chosen, each chakra can be opened. Once the first one opens the others usually follow easily. After this reprogramming can be achieved by specific points chosen to create a new way of responding to situations.

Reprogramming to make space for ‘compassionate warrior’, healthy anger.

This chant takes the block and moves it up through the system –

E    I    A    HUM    I    E    UM.

The vibration of the sounds unlock the energy.



breath in via 1st chakra

breath out via 3rd

breath in via 3rd

breath out via 1st

x3 times

breath in via 1st

breath out via 5th

breath in via 1st

breath out via 6th

breath in via 1st

breath out via 3rd

breath in via 3rd

breath out via 5th

breath in via 5th

breath out via 6th


Visualise spiral form in doing this.

These tools are not taking away anger.  They are reorganizing the energy so it becomes transformed so that we may become free to be who we truely are.