by Kate Curtis


Root of Doc rumex crispus – bitter

Profound herb to purge the liver. Opens the biliary ducts and pushes outwards into the blood stream. Strong blood cleanser. Laxative to clear out what we hold on to in the gut. High in iron. helps rbc attach to iron. Releases anger so can result in strong emotional outbursts or strong irritability.

Dandalion Root – taraxacum officianus – bitter glycosides tannins sterols choline inulin

Like doc but gentler, promotes bile flow , mild laxative

Burdock root – bitter, cool drying

Like doc but also gentler. mild laxative and duiretic stimulates digestion.

Calming herbs

St Johns Wort – hypericum – bitter-sweet, cooling and drying.

astringent, analgesia, sedative, restorative tonic for the nervous system

Secretes meletonin, calms the mind.

Rose – rosa damascena – nervine astringent.

Depression and anxiety. heals the heart. embraces that we are loved. brings us back into connection with ourselves, bridges the upper and lower centres. Opens ;the eyes to beauty, so when we see beauty it opens our eyes to see spirit.

Opens up the 1st chakra especially in womene reconnecting with the creative energy.

Chamomile – nervine bitter warm and moist.

sedative, useful for those whose 3rd chakra is effected with loss of appitite.

Vervaine – verbena officianus – vervine, pungent bitter and cool.

Calms and soothes stretched nerves, nervous exhaustion. Dispels fears. Bile stimulant, liver restorative, laxative. To clear out old patterns of behaviour and aid new encoding.


Releasing old patterns and fears

Cleavers – gallium aperine – cold slightly dry and salty

Lymphatic cleanser and urinary tonic, clears out old toxins and with it old stubborn belief patterns.

Chickweed – stellaria media – nutritive sweet moist and cool

refridgerent and cooling nutrient.

Cell permeator. Has thin cell walls so they release waste and receive nutrients. Releases old patterns

High in vits ABC and fatty acids.

Motherwort  – leonurus cardiaca- bitter

replaces mothers love, sooths the nervous system, ;calms. Stimulates the digestion and endocrine system.

Oats  – avena sative.- warm moist sweet

Minerals and vits B1 B2 D E

Antidepressant nerve tonic.


Kidney stimulants and nutritives

Borage – boragia officianus – cold moist and slightly sweet

Calcium potassium and vit C

Adrenal stimulant and duiretic.

Gives courages and releases fear.

Dandalion Leaf  –  Taraxacum – bitter glycosides

High in potassium. Duiretic, clears out toxins and old wunwanted emotions. Releases fear from the kidneys. Stimulates the hypothalumus in the pituitary gland. Liver and digestive tonic. Vits ABCD.

Nettles  – Urtica Dioeca.  – Cool dry slightly bitter astringent.Nutritive.

Rich in folic acid and vit D, histamine, acetylcholine, seretonin.High in all other vits and minerals and vit K. Builds up bones . Calcium. Circulatory stimulant, promotes milk flow in nursing mothers. Lowers blood sugar levels.