The following list of foods and substances is as a result of one inspiring workshop, with a group of women who were able to go deeply inside and listen to their hearts, to discover what their bodies need in the way of support to their adrenal system.  It was agreed by all, that paramount was also the need for Stillness and Calmness in the form of meditation or in practices such as Taichi yoga or Chigong.

Green vegetables and in particular it was stressed – DARK green.

egs – Spinach, brocholli, lettace, cabbage.

leeks and scallions.

Herbs from the Garden


More Water

Bitter Herbs

egs – Dandalion ( root flower and leaf.)

Root of the Doc

Juicing – both vegetables and fruit.



Warm Food

Raw Vegetable – cut up and eaten frequently.


pumpkiin Seeds.



Foods to avoid

No heavy foods