Chigong means ‘energy work’  and is the basis behind the power of the Chinese Martial Arts including Kung Fu and the more subtle form of Taichi. The practice of Chigong develops chi and internal power. It is the practice of learning to control the movement of the life force energy (chi)internally using the mind to direct the energy within the body.

The mind has the ability to direct Chi.  It will be possible to feel your central nervous system which is the intermediary between thought and chi.  By practicing chigong it is possible to feel  the nerves and this ability increases in time.  Chigong develops the ability to  go inside the  body with your mind and feel what is there and direct the chi where it needs to go.


Taichi  means Yin Yang ‘balance of all things’  and is an ancient Chinese system of movements based upon the development of the lifeforce energy within the body. It is practiced in series of very slow and smooth movements which incorporate the principles of chigong. Taichi is considered a martial art when used in the faster moving form.

Both taichi and chigong work with muscles differently than aerobic and vigorous stretching exercise programs. The feeling of strength of being ‘pumped’ up obtained in Western exercises is due to muscular contraction and this kind of ‘contraction’ prevents the free flow of chi. In Internal Arts such as chigong and taichi the feeling of strength is considered inappropriate. The goal is to achieve relaxed power.  Relaxed power comes when the muscles rather than fighting and straining to do something just loosen and open up and allow the energy to flow through.

BENEFITS of Chigong and Taichi.

The benefit of Taichi and Chigong lies in the relief of and prevention of chronic health problems. The range of maladies helped include – CANCER, INTERNAL ORGAN PROBLEMS, POOR CIRCULATION, NERVE PAIN,  BACKPAIN, JOINT PROBLEMS AND GENERAL PHYSICAL DESEASE.

It is practiced by millions of people and has proven to make the old younger and release stress and improve sexual energy.It frees up trapped emotions, heals body cells, energises bone marrow, strengthens tendons, makes muscle tissue more elastic,and  joints become flexible. Strengthens  the immune system and  blood is circulated without strain on the heart.